Tap into the power of NFC with AM iDEE

No more plastic security passes for your staff, convert phones of your employees, visitors, sub contractors and many more into fully integrated security passes, protected by Apple and Google Wallet security.

Fraud Elimination

Eliminate site entry and event entry fraud with NFC verification

Frictionless Entry and Tracking

Perfect for remote site and event access tracking, managed via cloud interface.

Save Costs

Eliminate costs associated with production and distribution of plastic cards.

Hygienic & Carbon Neutral

Eliminate plastic card usage and reduce plastic pass production.

Replace security passes with AM iDEE.

The Software

AM iDEE's cloud based dashboard makes it easy to issue, edit and revoke passes.

Passes are stored natively in iOS and Android mobile wallets.  There are no app downloads.

The Hardware

AM iDEE's mains or battery powered Reader is compatible with iOS and Android wallets.

AM iDEE's Reader used for loggin entry, registering attendance and redeeming loyalty.

Realtime Attendance Logs.

Realtime Logging

Attendance logging for all site visitors

Manage staff remotely

Timesheet logging fro contractors

Additional benefits

Bank level encryption standards

Unusual activity detection

Log event & site attendees

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AM iDEE is not just a pass, AM iDEE is a new way to integrate facility functionality with day to day operations and wider information systems.