AMI London Rich Pictures are best described by clients who have already made the change to visualising change for all:

“Creating the vision involves taking the team on a journey; by describing an ideal state in basic analogies, that everyone can understand, allowing the questioning of the intended and unintended meanings/implications in the analogy and if that is what the team are really trying to describe. Through this questioning and debate a successful future vision can be agreed, one in which the same scenario can be described by everyone in their own words, but they are describing the same picture. An aligned vision owned by everyone.”

Global Head of Quality

AMI London regularly uses Rich Pictures to enable organisations to ensure the vision for the business is understood by ALL stakeholders.  A bespoke Rich Picture successfully frames the conversation space, allowing the facilitator of the picture to say what needs to be said to any intended audience, whether that is a potential new client as part of a bidding process, a new joiner to an organisation or an entire workforce who need to be guided through a change programme.

If you would like to discuss creating your own Rich Picture please get in touch:


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