Intergrated Programme Planning Service

Our Integrated Programme Planning as a Service is available in the short term and longer term as a fully managed

service, or as ad hoc support once we have delivered your first Integrated Programme Plan and reporting engine.

Our experience has always shown the plan is at the heart of all successful programmes, and for both Control and

Delivery to work hand in hand, the plan offers the most effective common ground.

Our Integrated Programme Planning Service will:

  • Build project plans and establish baselines.

  • Integrate project plans in to your integrated programme plan.

  • Identify inter project dependencies and embed in your integrated programme plan

  • Provide automated weekly Project Manager activity prioritisation reports and exception reporting.

  • Provide weekly planning highlights to senior programme management.

Our reason for offering this service is built of decades of experience mobilising, recovering and successfully delivering

Programmes of varying size and scale, from national to global and multi hundred £million programmes.

Our Integrated Programme Planning Service works seamlessly with our Results Chain and Rich Picture services,

both service provided when you need them, allowing you to engage all Stakeholders.

See our example Rich Picture below to demonstrate the benefit of an effective Programme

Management Office.

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AMI Rich Picture

Our Rich Picture allows you to frame the conversation space, allowing the facilitator of the picture to say

what needs to be said to any intended audience, whether that is a potential new client as part of a bidding process,

a new joiner to an organisation or an entire workforce who need to be guided through a change programme.


In addition to the useful visual communication tool of a completed Rich Picture the PROCESS of arriving at

a finished output can be as valuable, if not more so, in that it creates understanding and alignment amongst the

participants. A shared vision that is owned by those involved.


“Creating the vision involves taking the team on a journey; by describing an ideal state in basic analogies, that

everyone can understand, allowing the questioning of the intended and unintended meanings/implications in the

analogy and if that is what the team are really trying to describe. Through this questioning and debate a successful

future vision can be agreed, one in which the same scenario can be described by everyone in their own words,

but they are describing the same picture. An aligned vision owned by everyone.”

MH, Head of Quality.


A Rich Picture is a safe ‘sandbox’ environment with very little risk where future modelling can take place (and be

challenged). It forces the question “what does good look like?” (and the inevitable follow-up “how do we get there?”)

upon all participants. It can be an egalitarian process, with the voices from the shop-floor heard and captured, as

well as the CEO’s dynamic vision. If the viewer of the Rich Picture can see where they belong in the future state it

helps in starting them along that journey.

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Set Direct-Vision

Our Vision product will deliver an enhanced rich picture underpinned by a logical set of activities and

roadmap to configure your business for successful transformation.

AMI delivers the ability to set direction at the start of your journey or during delivery to ensure your transformation

remains on target for success.

AMI SET DIRECT VISION reduces reliance on long term consultancy, empowering leaders to take control of

the narrative and provide a clear set of activities to deliver success.

AMI will deliver on average SET DIRECT VISION inside 2 months, avoiding lengthy consultancy tenures.

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