Our Vision product will deliver an enhanced rich picture underpinned by a logical set of activities and roadmap to configure your business for successful transformation.

AMI delivers the ability to set direction at the start of your journey or during delivery to ensure your transformation remains on target for success.

AMI SET DIRECT VISION reduces reliance on long term consultancy, empowering leaders to take control of the narrative and provide a clear set of activities to deliver success.

AMI will deliver on average SET DIRECT VISION inside 2 months, avoiding lengthy consultancy tenures.

Strategy Refresh 15 days

We will work with you to clearly articulate your strategy, determining whether your projects remain relevant in the ‘new normal’.  By assessing your project and programme portfolio independently against your strategy, we will help you confirm which areas will deliver critical tactical and strategic change essential to keeping your business operational.

Plan Review in 5 days

We will review your Programme plan against industry standards, assess the critical path, embedded dependencies, and appropriate milestones.  We will provide a targeted roadmap to help recalibrate your delivery schedule, enabling informed tactical and strategic decision making.

Target Operating Model 15 Days

With a strategy for success in place, AMI will deliver a Target Operating Model summary describing what your business will look post-delivery.  Your Target Operating Model will allow your people to understand the difference between how your business operates today and how it must operate in the future to survive and thrive.

Controls Review 10 Days

We will rapidly assess your project and programme delivery controls to assure your plan for success.  We will provide a recalibration plan for your Programme Management Office to help ensure end-to-end your delivery is successful, giving leaders visibility of progress.

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