AMI London provides i3PMO to establish, recalibrate and transform directive, assurance and / or support led PMO functions, enabling delivery of cloud-based Portfolios, Programmes and Projects.

Alongside i3PMO, AMI also provides i3PM to operate, recover and transform Portfolios, Programmes and Projects, often improving capability and reducing silo working or non-conforming delivery mechanisms.


Change for any organisation is inevitable, whether in response to changes in the industry, a need to develop competitive advantage through new products and services, or simply to remove cost, improve efficiencies or exploit new technologies.

We offer a range of complementary services that we tailor to support your organisation through its own unique change journey and help transition you from how you currently operate to how you will operate in the future.



AMI has provided services to clients ranging from standalone project and programme plans to annual portfolio strategic plans, enabling organisations to manage and absorb change, aligned with their risk appetite.  Leaders are subsequently aided to direct, based on an agreed strategy and realistic objectives set to a frequency suited to each client, prioritising where necessary.

Utilising AMI’s Planning Service in conjunction with our Business Design expertise, has proven to be a key asset to multiple business leaders requiring control to shape the future of their business, whilst maintaining operational performance and readiness.

AMI not only retains Delivery resources but also maintains partnerships with some of the UKs leading private resource suppliers to support any scale of inititiative our clients require.

Experienced and proven resources are available across all delivery roles on short notice to support all phases of your Projects, Programmes or Portfolios.